This was a live brief part of my second year at University. UK Greetings was one of participants in the YCN Challenge briefs. The brief stated to create a new line of greetings cards with a set of stationary to come with it. My target audience is Young Adults who have a particular interest in plants and modern aesthetics. 
This is a little interactive idea I came up with in addition to the greetings card. The idea is that when you open the card you see a stripped down illustration of a lamp or light source of some kind and text saying “Finally you get to turn your lights on. Go on do it!”. And there is a tab that says pull me. When you do
a light turns on behind the light source illustration which looks like they pulled this switch on to light up the house. The page is very plain and simple and that is referring
to a brand new house. It’s empty and nothing inside it. So it kind of resembles a house interior when you move in. And the owner turning the light on in an empty house gives them a fresh start.

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