Final Major Project - emotions manifesto

Self written brief as part of my final project module at second year of University
Encouraging young people to speak up
about the issues that they go through daily. With nearly 2 in 3 students admitting they have gone through anxiety in university it is important to let people know and remind them that it is okay to not feel okay and to share it with others.
I want to achieve this by being transparent and showing how my moods are like day
by day. Showing this in a poster a day style. With inspiration from Baugasm and Mishko, I create these neon style gradient posters that use colour to display my emotion and intensity of the artwork to show how intense that day has been.
As I am one of the people who do get really bad anxiety so a day to day life can be overwhelming for me. So most days are quite rough especially being alone at uni and working a lot.
Each day features a word that has been distorted beyond recognition. The choice of word depends on what I've done each day.

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